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5 TIPS for the Perfect Casual Friday Outfit
Posted By Brittany  Posted On 26-Oct-2016

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Wednesday's post! Today I'm sharing my top 5 tips for dressing for Casual Friday. Maybe you're like me and work in an administrative office, but, you know, you still need to look somewhat put together on Casual Friday (but you may also go pick out pumpkins

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Favorite Flats for Fall
Posted By Brittany  Posted On 24-Oct-2016

Hey guys! I hope everyone is staying warm and dry if you're in the PNW or in the hurricane affected areas! Weather guy says we should get some sunshine this weekend here in Portland, so I'm hopeful! (more…)

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Highlights from ITALY!
Posted By Brittany  Posted On 21-Oct-2016

Hey loves! My Italy travel highlights video is finally up, so if you didn't get enough of Italy from my five million posts, then be sure to check it out!!! xo, B (more…)

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