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    Minimalist packing fail & NYC outfits

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    Well, I’m a little embarrassed…I packed WAY too much stuff for New York. I totally did not need to take more than like, 15 clothing items (including shoes and jewelry!). I’m telling you, packing like a minimalist is hard! I’m glad I had this chance to practice though before the big back packing trip in September…

    So here are the outfits I ACTUALLY wore, and what I would do differently 🙂 Read more

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    NYC Reflections

    So, New York City. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t what I expected….I’d never been to NYC before (or really the East Coast for that matter), but I had this idea that I would be walking down the street in a sea of grey, and everyone would be on their phones and no one would be smiling. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any directions because no one would have the time to stop and help a tourist, and those that did still wouldn’t stop. I thought I would be amazed by the grandeur of the lights and the height of the buildings. So you can imagine my surprise when Read more

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    What’s in my bag?

    Hey guys!

    I’m so excited I leave for NYC TONIGHT!!!! I’m trying this whole weekend away with just a backpack thing and I wanted to let you guys know what I packed and how to get multiple outfit options with the least amount of items. Read more

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    Friday night thoughts…

    Quick snippet of what’s on my mind right now…
    1. What the heck should I wear in NYC next weekend!?!?!?!
    2. Why is it so difficult to set up an auto publish to Facebook plugin???
    3. Mirassou Pinot Noir is quite possibly my most favorite red wine of all time.
    4. My eyebrows don’t match my hair…

    More deets to come over the weekend!