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Happy Monday loves! This is probably a stupid question, but do any of you ever feel blue when Monday rolls around? I feel like I go through a mini depression every Sunday evening when it’s time to think about work on Monday lol. So I thought I’d shared a little bit about a streetwear brand that I recently found that’s pretty inspiring. It’s called DFRNTPIGEON, and it’s a streetwear label ran by Portland’s marginalized youth.



Stemming from a pilot project launched by New Avenues for Youth, DFRNTPIGEON provides kids with professional design mentor-ship. The brand sells lifestyle/streetstyle apparel and accessories, all of which are designed and produced in Portland, Oregon. Although they sell a lot of t-shirts, they’re more than just a t-shirt business. DFRNTPIGEON operates more like a creative studio, where youth can come to learn and create.

Different on Purpose

When I first heard of DFRNTPIGEON, I was mainly interested in learning more about them because of their interesting name! Then I learned about the youth who started the brand, and what the brand stands for. I learned that the people creating the designs are mainly those who have experienced homelessness or unstable living conditions. It’s amazing that these youth have experienced such different ways of living life, and that they can come together from different backgrounds to share ideas and promote their differences by creating DFRNTPIGEON.

I loved getting to sit down and talk with a few of the team members from DFRNTPIGEON and see some of the designs they’ve been working on. The message DFRNTPIGEON represents is a powerful one, and I really enjoyed learning more about them. I felt I was able to connect with their mission on my own personal level. I’ve been privileged throughout my life to never have to experience homelessness, hunger, or marginalization, but I can definitely understand how it feels to not fit in. Growing up, I always felt out of place among my peers, and just “different’ for some reason. I wish I had been able to talk about my issues more when I was a teenager, and now as an adult I feel very strongly about giving youth a voice, which is exactly what DFRNTPIGEON is doing.

I really hope you guys will check out their website and their designs, because they’re pretty awesome. In my mind, anything that supports a good cause is worth checking out! Also, DFRNTPIGEON will be presenting some of their designs at Design Week Portland starting next week! If you live in the Portland area and can spare the time, check them out! It probably sounds silly, but meeting and learning about them has made me feel even more inspired to continue blogging. I don’t know, maybe sometimes we need to get a little push and a little inspiration from those around us to keep moving forward. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to learn a little more about them, and I can’t wait to see DFRNTPIGEON at Design Week!

What’s been inspiring you lately? Let me know in the comments and have a terrific Monday everyone!



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