Runway to Real Life – How to Wear High Fashion (inspo from NYFW!!!)

Hey lovelies, today I want to talk about how to wear high fashion. I’ve always struggled with what I really thought about high fashion pieces and designers. I used to feel like the high fashion designers collections were interesting and beautiful, but totally unwearable for the every day person, you know? For example, this gorgeous embroidered Michael Costello gown from the Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week collection is absolutely stunning, but in all reality, how many people is it wearable for, and how often?

How to Wear High Fashion

nyfw spring 2017 how to wear high fashion

Michael Costello RTW Spring 2017

The answer to that question, is not many, and not very often at all. But that’s exactly what I’ve learned about high fashion: you have to take it with a grain of salt. It’s not about seeing what’s hot on the runway and going out and spending a fortune to purchase that exact item, or even a knock off, it’s about taking runway trends and letting those designs inspire your every day style.

OK, what does that even mean?

For me, using high fashion pieces to inspire my style means taking details or portions of a look or collection that really grab my attention, and translating it into something wearable. When I look at this Michael Costello gown, I see a plunging neckline, rose (blush and green) embroidery, a beautiful rich plum color, and a romantic, flowy silhouette. I’ll make a mental note (or even a written note) of those details that stand out to me, and I’ll keep them in mind when I do my spring and summer shopping. What I might opt for with those details in mind, is a flowy plum or mauve maxi dress, paired with an embroidered denim vest.

I also think that with every new fashion season, you should always look through your closet to see what you already own. We all know that trends circle back around, so it’s always possible that you might have something similar to what you’re seeing on the runway (platforms, anyone?). Letting new season trends inspire me to rediscover what I already own is something I’ve been trying to do lately, especially since it’s a money saving trick!

To recap:

What I’m trying to get across is that high fashion can be wearable fashion if you allow the designs to inspire how you translate them into your every day life. Take it with a grain of salt, and don’t feel like you have to have the exact piece that’s on the runway (cause lez be honest, how many of us can actually afford that shit??).

I hope you guys liked this runway to real life themed post, and that it inspired you on how to wear high fashion in your every day life! What do you guys think about high fashion? Let me know in the comments!



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