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Final Day from FashioNXT 2016!!

Well here it is! The last day of FashioNXT 2016! I loved all of the sultry looks this day brought us on the runway.

1. Julie Danforth – I loved this collection. The silk and satin was so beautiful and feminine. I think my favorite was definitely the third picture, it reminds me of something Arwen from The Lord of the Rings would wear lol.

julie-danforth-7 julie-danforth-8 julie-danforth

2. Layneau – This was my favorite collection of the night! I loved the couture lingerie look and the vibrant colors. This brand actually has a location on NW 23rd in Portland and I’m thinking of taking the hubby by there sometime to see what he thinks!

layneau-6 layneau-7 layneau

3. Melynda Valera – This designer was super interesting to me! I actually really loved the fit of all of the pieces, even if they didn’t look super wearable with the flowers all over them. My favorite is the one on the right. The high waisted pants and crop top with the hat is amazing!

melynda-valera-2 melynda-valera-3 melynda-valera

4. Michelle Lesniak – I was super excited to see Michelle Lesniak! She’s a native Portlander and the winner of Project Runway Season 11. She even has a studio here in Portland. Her collection was really edgy and interesting. I loved the sleeves of the first dress and the patter on the skirt in the middle pictures. I also thought it was interesting to have a poof ball on each model, I’m not sure what the significance was there, but it caught the eye and after awhile you would actually look for it on the model.

michelle-lesniak-2 michelle-lesniak-6 michelle-lesniak-10

Well ladies, that’s it for FashioNXT! I unfortunately wasn’t able to go to Seattle Fashion Week on¬†Saturday because I thought that the “PNW Storm” was going to be a way bigger deal that it actually turned out to be! The hubs has been giving me crap about it for the past 2 days, but oh well lol. Talk to you guys on Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a black and pink fall outfit idea that I’m loving right now!



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