Life Lately – Distressed Skin and Babies???

.Good morning babes! Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet. I really just wanted to check in and do a “life lately” kind of post to let you guys in on a few things that have been going on in my life recently 🙂 I see a lot of bloggers do this and I actually really enjoy it because you get a more personal look at the life behind the blog!

Crazy Weather

First off, it’s the beginning of March and the weather in Portland is still ridiculous. I have a really hard time functioning in life lately when it’s wet and cold (not sure why I still live in the PNW lol). So it’s been really hard for me to feel motivated in this dreary weather. To give you an idea of what Portland weather is like, yesterday we had high winds, rain, snow, and bright, sunny blue skies all in one day!

Distressed Skin

With the weird weather and all the beauty products I’ve been testing out, my skin has been on strike. It’s been super dry around my nose, mouth, and chin, but then oily on my cheeks and forehead. Sooo…I’ve decided to give my skin 2 weeks off from all beauty products! This has been super hard for me cause it means I’m not cleansing, not exfoliating, not moisturizing, nothing! I’m trying to take my skin back to neutral and then start over from there after I can get an idea of what it is needing naturally.

Baby Fever?

Last but not least, the hardest thing to talk about. The hubs and I have been toying with the idea lately of having a baby. We’re kind of in that “if it happens, it happens” mode, you know? I have to admit, every time “that time” of the month comes around and Mother Nature rears her ugly head, I can’t help but be disappointed! Remember when you were in high school and the health teacher scared you with “don’t have sex, you’ll get pregnant?” Well, it turns out it’s not as easy as have sex=get pregnant lol. I am definitely one of those people who believes everything in life happens (or doesn’t happen) for a reason and there’s nothing you can do to force it if the universe isn’t ready to give it. Even so, I can’t help but fret over it a bit (and when I say fret, I mean obsess lol).

Anywho, I don’t want to bore you guys with my rambling and complaining. I hope this post wasn’t too hard to swallow and that you all have an amazing day today!! What’s happening in your life lately? Let me know in the comments below!



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